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Merry Meet and Welcome!
Please notice that I finally have my own domain name *grins happy*, that means for you that you have to update your bookmark. (With some fairy dust I flew you over from the old to this new place.) Please bookmark ~ by clicking on this sentence~ this domain name for the future; thank you so much!

The subjects keep on expanding so I decided to split them up into more websites. Other subjects can be found in my menu at Lalize's Country Site
My book of shadows is still growing, I have written a piece about rituals and energy amongst other things I describe to you how to cast a circle. At Magic links you will find a list of links about witchcraft, spiruality and nature.
Something completely different I added a very succesfull manual about 32 ways of finding out if your neighbour is a witch, LOL, you can read this at halloween and you can send it out as a card as well, with special thanks to Millan for giving me permissions to use it at my own website.
Click here to find out if your neighbour is a Witch. 32 Sure ways to find out!

A request; please do not link direct to my files but rightmouse click and save as is the best way to put them on your own server. All this because of the bandwidth, ofcourse I feel flattered if you want to linkback to LaLize's Craft on your web site! Click here for linkbacks (image and en code). Suggestions and/or remarks? Email LaLize.

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